Effect of microelements of MS medium in vetro on shoot multiplication of date palm cv yellow sukkary

نوع المستند : مقالات بحثیة أصلیة


1 The Central lab of date palm Research and Development , ARC, Egypt

2 Ministry of Agriculture, Iraq

3 Floriculture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt


This study was aimed at standardizing nutrients requirement to increase shoot formation and shoot formation and shoot bud elongation in date palm cv. Yellow Sukkary by manipulating microelements levels in MS media and stimulate the production of strong vegetative shoots can be cultured at the stage of rooting easily and effectively. In this work, the effect of different microelements of MS medium ( control, H3BO4, Fe SO4.7 H2O, KI, Na MoO4.H2O, CoCL2.6H2O, ZnSO4.4H2O, MnSO4.4H2O and Cu SO4.5H2O)on shoot proliferation. Whereas, the micro salts of MS medium were doubled. Cu SO4 .5 H2O , CoCL2.6H2O and KI concentrations were more effective on number shoot proliferation compared with other treatments and with no significant differences among them. Whereas, Cu SO4 .5 H2O were more effective for stimulating the elongation of shoots. The results of leaves SDS-PAGE revealed a total number of eleven bands with molecular weights (MW) ranging from about 15.3 to 82.8 KDa. The analysis of data showed one common band (monomorphic), while the remaining ten bands were polymorphic with 90.9% polymorphisms. Protein band with 78.3 KDa was detected in control and each of Fe3O4, EDTA and MnSO4 treatments and absent in another treatments. Low protein band with molecular weight 15.1 KDa was present in control and H3PO3 treatments and absent in other treatments

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